Mens Manicure Set

High Quality Stainless Steel Manicure Sets

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Mens Manicure Set

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● Function: Small fingernail clipper with curved blades fit the shape of finger, its size is appropriate for adults and kids. Large toenail clipper with straight blade edges especially designed for toenails trimming provide excellent accuracy and will not tear or split nails to prevent ingrown nail.


● Portability: Small and exquisite package made of soft leather with a zipper is just right for storing the fingernail and toenail clippers. A ribbon sewn inside to place clippers for keeping clippers tight and neat. Convenient for travelling.


● Safety: With sufficiently sharp blades and unique edge of blades, precisely cut both thick and thin nails, nearly without much effort and will not cut to be several layers apart to allow bacteria to breed inside.


● Get your hands on a premium manicure/pedicure tool set of 1 FINGERNAIL CLIPPER+ 1 TOENAIL CLIPPER + 1 NAIL FILE, neatly organized in a leather carry pouch! Save yourself TIME on your nail clipping ritual and enjoy perfectly cut nails in a matter of minutes!


● The sturdy levers on your professional clippers won’t bend, making it easier to get perfect results with minimum effort. Add to this the ERGONOMIC SHAPE for increased control and precision use and you get the best stainless-steel fingernail and toenail clippers on the market!


● Set off on your business trip, weekend excursion or holidays with a professional nail cutter set at hand! Compact, lightweight and protected in its travel pouch, it makes an easy to carry travel nail clipper set, airline approved and safe to accompany you on your flight.


● Offer this high-end set of nail clippers with case to any loved person to help them cut even the thickest nails smoothly, with no need for filing! It is an excellent gift, offered at the most competitive price, which will put a wide smile on the face of the lucky recipient.


● Sturdy stainless steel - High-end stainless steel makes the nail clippers sturdy, can be used for a long time and will not be broken or damaged.


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