Daily Maintenance Of Dead Skin Scissors

- Sep 11, 2017-

1. If the dead skin scissors front to disinfect disinfection clean, ordinary do not exceed 10 minutes, high-grade not more than 30 minutes.

2. After each use, use disinfectant to cut the skin of the dead skin and dust removal clean, and then dry towel dry, place dry ventilated place.

3. Usually used in the process, when found dead skin cut with dead skin and other foreign bodies, please do not use the mouth to blow off, because the gas from the mouth, contains a great deal of water vapor, easy to cause the blade to damp, the correct way is to use a dry towel or clean sweep to remove foreign bodies.

4. When you do not use dead skin shears, please put the knife on the condom, and then put into a special tool bag, so as to avoid the blade due to collision and careless fall damage.

5. In the course of daily use, try not to contact the water, crystal liquid such as the corrosive liquid.

6. If you do not use dead skin scissors for a long time, you must first give the blade some anti-rust oil, to avoid oxidation, if there is no rust-proof grease can be replaced by sewing machine.

7. Debugging scissors When you do not have to cut, a lot of people in the test scissors will be accustomed to take a few moves in hand, high-quality dead skin shear blade in the factory is very close, the air shear is easy to cause the upper and lower edge of the blade rub with each other and damage the edge of the blade.