How To Fix A Brow

- Sep 11, 2017-

1. Comb the eyebrow from bottom to top, and make eyebrow cut the blade and eyebrows below parallel, will exceed hair cut short.

2. Use eyebrow comb to comb from top to bottom, cut short and trim the hair long below eyebrows.

3. Spray the shape spray on the eyebrow brush. Because many people's eyebrows grow in the direction of clutter, this can easily straighten out the messy eyebrows.

4. The eyebrow brush that sprays the shape spray from brow to eyebrow along the eyebrow growth direction slanting upwards brush, help shape clear and tidy eyebrow.

5. Remove the excess stray hairs from the top of the eyebrow by shaving the eyebrow knife.

6. Finally, the eyebrows up and down the edge of the stray hair removed clean, do not omit the eyebrow part of the miscellaneous hair, otherwise it will affect the overall impression.