How To Trim Baby’s Nail With Baby Nail Scissor

- Jan 15, 2018-

How to trim baby’s nail with baby nail scissor


This baby nail scissor is specially designed with blunt head. First you should take out the protective cover which is made of PC plastic and for dustproof and waterproof. To begin with, for both finger nails and toe nails, what is really a good idea is cutting or trimming baby’s nail when they are sleeping. So that their hands or foots don’t move around reducing the risk of cutting the skin. But parents can also hold the baby’s hand and finger firmly. Then put the stainless steel head of the baby nail scissor at the edge of the nail but not too deep, otherwise you would cut the skin. Just slightly apply pressure and close the scissor just like a snip because the nail of baby is usually too thin. After cutting the nail, you can use nail file to polish a little so nails won’t be sharp and hurting their skin.