Introduction Of Manicure Tool Function

- Sep 11, 2017-

Nail file--Used for sharpening the nails after the nail clippers were trimmed.

Dead skin Push--ya shape of the cutting-edge knife head, use light and smooth, remove the edge of the nail dead skin, push a bed, make nails appear more slender.

Beauty Clamp-trim nails, dead skin, calluses.

Eyebrow Clips--repair eyebrows or remove unwanted dead skin.

Nail Clippers--Safety novel open design, at the same time using cut off form, two sharp blade alignment, nail cutting surface smooth, thin and light products, easy to carry.

Scissors-multi-purpose shears, with other tools to repair the use.

Beauty scissors--for trimming eyebrows, skin hair or nose hair, but also do hand-cut use.

Dead leather pliers-thin and curved delicate knife body, can be opponents, feet skin and dead skin to trim, to a ditch and other special parts can be easily trimmed. It is recommended that you use pruning without removing the dead skin.

The Cleaner--spindle design, the scraper part is used to push the dead skin, the round top can pick out the dirt in the nail seam, can easily clean the inside and around the nails, so that your nails look more clean and beautiful.