Nail Clippers Industry Standard

- Sep 11, 2017-

The original nail Clippers industry standard, enacted in 1993, has been nearly 10 years of history. During this period, China's nail clippers industry has changed significantly. The first is the production of the main body has changed, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou and a group of old grades of state-owned enterprises, because of the difficult situation, and successively quit the production of nail clippers, replaced is a large number of private enterprises.

Secondly, due to the number of private enterprises, strength level inconsistencies, so nail clamp market appeared a more chaotic situation, some small enterprises still follow forty or fifty years ago of obsolete equipment, backward technology, some even small workshop-type production, some enterprises in order to reduce the cost of using low-quality materials, all this, Led to a large number of low-quality low gear products flooded the market.