Steps Of Using Nail Clippers

- Jan 10, 2018-

Steps of using nail clippers

1.     Lift the lever up to 90 degrees and flip it around 360 degrees, then lower it towards the base of the nail clippers. It would be standing at a 45-degree angle from the rest of the nail clippers and will not go all the way down.


2.     Holding the nail clippers in your right or left hand (depends which one you use usually) then put the thumb on the lever while the base of the nail clippers resting on the index finger no matter you are right or left handed. If using clippers with a plier-style handle, hold the two handles in the palm of your hand and wrap your fingers around them so that you have comfortable grip that allows you to squeeze the handles without slipping.


3.     Put the head around the fingernail or toenail that you want to cut. That is where the cutting blades are located. Do not put the cutting blades too close to where the nail and the skin connected.


4.     Put pressure or push down the lever or handles, be very gentle that the head of the nail clippers remains in place. Go on put pressure until the two cutting blades touch through the nail completely. For bigger nails, after the first cut, move the cutting edges a bit and finish cutting the nail until it is completely removed.


5.     Some nail clippers come with catcher, so the cut nail will be in the catcher collected for easy disposal. Also nail clippers with nail file provide great convenience. Once you finish cutting the nail, us the file on the clipper to smooth any rough spots left by the nail clippers.