Things You Must Know About Manicure Scissors

- Mar 18, 2018-

Things you must know about manicure scissors

Have you ever noticed your grooming scissors are a bit wobbly. Press that earge and tighten the screw. A whbble is not alaway a bad thing and screwing the screw won't do anything but ruin yoru scissors. I will explain why in the next couple minutes. It is not commonly known but each screw is hand tighten. The exact tension requires to hold the blade in perfect alignment. That is something has to be done by hand. it is cornerstone of a good pair of scissor and the tension is someting you have feel in the steel. If the screw is too tight, the blades are going to be grinded along the cutting edge  which will make a very bad cut. If the screw is too loose, the blades just won't cut. The amount of tension required is vary from scissor to scissor, the machine can't tell the difference but the human can. Not just stairring at them but a trained and skilled creaftman. 

Due to the curve of of the blade, a properly tension grooming scissor is alwaly have a slight wobble when it is over-extened like this. but the question is how much wobble is too much? 

Here is an easy test, hold your scissor point up with one hand and raise the opposite loop and let it fall. It doesn't matter which hand you use or how verticle you hold your scissor as long as it is mostly upright. Watch what happen when gravity and friction kick in. You do this a couple times, you will notice the scissor only fall by themself up to a certain distance right where it stops is where the cutting begins. If there is little blade left, they are loose, you won't be able to cut much of anything. if they don't drop, they are too tight, they grind when you do close them. what you are looking for is the scissor hits the sweet spot in between where the blade are close enough to shear the nail but not so close they are going to grind it. This makes a scissor that won't rip or tear and will last for decade no need to resharpen. 

As you are doing this test, keep in mind different scissors require different amount of tension, so the amount of blade left varies from type to type. for example, cuticle scissor only cut with their tip. 

If you got a bad scissor, why not twit the screw a little bit? because scissors can't be fixed, they have to be crafted correctly the first time. You see, one half of the scissor is crafted with a hole that is a little bigger than the screw, and the other half has smaller hole. When the scissor is assemble, the scissor goes through and bits the steel of the small hole and grips firmly. When you adjust the screw, the tension is ruin those scissors are not just shear your nail correctly. they will bend and tear it. this kind of damage to the scissor is unfixable because there is nothing left to bit into once the firm grip is loose.  From this point onward, you are like tighten a screw with no grip it will just spin around and around and probably fall out. Some manufacturer took this issue into consideration and design the scissor with a hand tighten star shape screw so they can't be fuss screw by mistake. 

The unfortune thing is that mass produce scissor they can't be hand touch and they very common. So most people thing screwing the screw won't hurt anything. Those people couldn't be more wrong.