Tips For Maintaining Manicure For A Long Time

- Sep 11, 2017-

Nail Tips One: Don't forget to paint the bottom oil

Not only does the bottom oil prevent the nails from being corroded, but it also prevents the nails from being dyed as dark yellow! So playing bottom is very important, whether you have a clean or polished armor face! Because this can remove the grease from the nail face to make a better look lasting!

Manicure tips Two: Nail brush not suitable for hard pressure

When painting nail polish, we do not put nails brush flat the nails, this appearance is very easy to lead to the appearance of uneven nail oil, the correct way is to apply the nail brush gently touch the nail face, and then gently rub on.

Nail Tips Three: Finally pay attention to the armor oil coated

In addition, we also need to pay attention to coated armor oil, probably every three days on the coating once, can prevent the peeling of nail polish, but also to make the nails appear bright luster, color more lasting.